Glitch photo of plants in Umeå, Sweden

Glitch art is an art movement centering around the practice of using digital or analog errors, more so glitches, for aesthetic purposes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating electronic devices. - Wikipedia.

There's something so liberating with the unexpected nature of glitch photography, and while certain settings may yield similar results it's near impossible to get the same shot twice.

I got my first glitch camera in July of 2021, a BPMC Paup Eye, and quickly fell in love with its seemingly random results and low resolution photos. It didn't take long for me to dive deeper into the world of glitch photography and in August the same year I bought an Uglatto Mori mk1. Their similarities are only in the description of what they are, in terms of glitch they are completely different.

In December the following year I bought my second Uglatto camera, this time a Cascade. Yet again the similarity is only in the description. Each camera has its own glitches and its own quirks.

Glitch photo of Neon Alley in Wrolcaw, Poland

As I kept taking glitch photos and showing them to friends the idea to publish them in some physical form kept increasing and by September of 2023 I finally released the first, and so far only, issue of Bent Perspective.

It featured several previously unreleased photos as well as sequences from screengrabs of videos I'd shot with the glitch cameras. The zine also came with a digital download of a two-track EP named after the zine, sort of meant as a soundtrack to listen to while reading.

Below is a small selection of photos I've taken throughout the years which I think represent the different cameras quite well. Click on them to fully grasp their beauty.

Uglatto Cascade: Berlin
Statue in Berlin caught by Uglatto Cascade
Uglatto Cascade: Uppsala
Uglatto Cascade photo of a circus performance
Uglatto Cascade: Wrocław
Traffic in Wrocław, Uglatto Cascade
Uglatto Mori: Cats
Cats photographed with an Uglatto Mori
Uglatto Mori: Strängnäs
Statue in Strängnäs photographed with an Uglatto Mori
Uglatto Mori: Saluhallen in Uppsala
Uglatto Mori photo of Saluhallen in Uppsala
BPMC Paup Eye: Dolphin, Kolmården
Dolphin in Kolmården shot with a BMPC Paup Eye
BPMC Paup Eye: Horse in Uppsala
BPMC Paup Eye capturing a horse in Uppsala
BPMC Paup Eye: Art in Uppsala
BPMC Paup Eye: Art in Uppsala